Pixel Perfect Datasets
to Accelerate Machine Learning Training

Fully-controlled, fully-customized, with advanced annotation

What We Do

OneView generates next-gen virtual synthetic datasets for ML algorithm model training. Focused on satellite and airborne imagery, we provide ready-for-training datasets for any object in any environment.  


What is Virtual Synthetic Data

VSD is computer-generated real-like imagery that comes fully annotated to replace real imagery. It is a highly accurate, cost-effective, and scalable training material for ML algorithms.

What We Do What We Do

the Full Potential
of Earth

OneView closes the ever-expanding gap between the increasing availability of earth observation data and the limited ability to utilize it for intelligence gathering.

We enable the gain of new and valuable insights from geospatial imagery by providing the means to advance data analysis.

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Realizing the Full Potentialof Earth Observation Realizing the Full Potentialof Earth Observation

Fully-Annotated Virtual Synthetic Datasets

Discover Any Object

Discover Any Object

Long-tail and rare objects, objects with scarce data availability - it doesn’t matter. We’ll generate a dataset for any object.

Explore Any Environment

Explore Any Environment

Think of an environment, we’re able to generate it. Highly-detailed, customized environments for model training.

Unlock Any Sensor

Unlock Any Sensor

Lots of earth observation systems up there. We can configure our datasets to accommodate each and every one of them.

Our Technology

  • Generate

    Use case simulation and data

  • Transform

    Applying real-life quality to
    generated images

  • Deliver

    Perfectly annotated,
    ready-for-training datasets

Discover the full potential of virtual synthetic data