Earth Observation
analysis at scale

Training computer vision
algorithms based on virtual synthetic data.

the power
of satellite

Space is booming.

The amount of new earth-observing satellite constellations keeps on expanding, thus, data from orbit becomes much more available and of better resolutions and revisit rates.

While data availability dramatically expands, scalable image analysis capabilities are becoming vital in order to fully utilize it.

Traditional ‘brute-force’ machine learning methods just don’t do the trick.

Image analysis algorithms generation requires huge amounts of data, which besides being very expensive, takes a lot of time and effort to collect and prepare.

This is not scalable.

Unleashing the power of satellite imagery Unleashing the power of satellite imagery

unique value

Image analysis algorithms based on virtual, simulated, realistic satellite imagery, optimized for object detection and classification.

Using our proprietary technology, we are releasing the bottleneck that holds back satellite data from being fully adopted.

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Introducing OneView's unique value proposition Introducing OneView's unique value proposition

Our Solutions

Synthetic datasets

Synthetic datasets

Train your machine learning algorithms with realistic, fully annotated virtual synthetic datasets, with a broad range of variations, optimized for training computer vision algorithms.

Image analysis

Image analysis

Use off-the-shelf or easily generate customized image analysis algorithms,
ready to deploy on cloud or on-prem.



Create sophisticated, end to end, applications to monitor, detect and analyze changes, trends, and anomalies.

  • Cost effective

    Save up to 80% of related
    cost and effort

  • Shorter time to market
    Shorter time
    to market

    Reduce valuable time
    from a need to analysis

  • Scalable Solution

    Easily expand your capabilities to new
    areas, new sensors, and objectives

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